What is it?

What is speed dating?

More and more people around the world meet, fall in love, and go to the altar thanks to speed dating.
In our world, time is highly valued and the secret of the immense popularity of the speed dating is first of all its time saving. Speed dating offer a unique chance to meet ten and more people, who want to make an acquaintance during one evening. How is this possible? – You will ask. Such result is achieved due to peculiar organization of the speed dating, which allows to hold ten and more mini-dates for 5-10 minutes each.

Rules of speed dating

Rules of the speed dating are very simple. A certain number of man and women meet at a certain place. Equipped with name badges, Speeding Tickets and their own charm, participants are divided into pairs and start the game. At each mini-date the Speed Daters can talk about everything except from career or place of residence.
When the date time is finished, the hosts give a signal and men move round one table to meet a new companion. In several minutes after each date the participant of the speed dating make notes about his\her impressions about the acquaintance in the Speeding Ticket. If in the process of the speed dating the participants got some liking they tell organizers about it after the speed dating. In case when the liking is mutual, organizers give contact details to those, who matched.

What is the origin of speed dating?

It is considered that the speed dating game was created by rabbi Jacob Deyo in 1999 on the basis of Jewish tradition to get together and acquaint young people. Originally speed dating was used in order to prevent marriages of Jews with people of other faiths.

How effective is the speed dating game?

The latest researches in the sphere of psychology proved that the opinion about a person is created in less than a minute of acquaintance. This proves great efficiency of the speed dating – by saving the participants’ time speed dating allow them to determine with their likings quickly instead of spending time on the acquaintances in bars, clubs and other places. And indeed, about half of the participants of the speed dating leave the game with a potential pair.

Of course, there are some doubts concerning speed dating. For example, 5-10 minutes may be not enough for some people to make a choice. Perhaps potential perfect match is in front of you, but speed dating time is not enough to realize it. Or vice versa, your companion at the speed dating may seem an ideal partner; however, if you had one more minute, you would get to know that he or she carefully keeps a collection of trimmed nails under the bed.
However, you will never guess everything, that’s why the best advice for the participants of the speed dating is to listen to yourself and always use the provided opportunity. The main goal of speed dating is to create an interest and give the chance for the relationships; and how to take advantage of this opportunity, – the life will tell itself.

Crazy rhythm of life of our metropolis does not allow you to find time for the most important things.

You are a young professional, successful and all-round man. It seems that everything is developing well for you, but your working overload and the crazy rhythm of our metropolis do not allow you to find time for the most important thing, namely you private life. Sometimes it is difficult to approach the person you liked and get acquainted with him\her on the street, in public transport or anywhere else.

The idea of Speed Dating initially originated in North America and became the most effective and fastest way of dating.

Pragmatism of the Americans proved effective even in love affairs. Currently, such parties are successfully held in Russia as well, but nothing like this has yet been in Kiev! At the speed dating of “Kyiv Romantic City” club in less than two hours you can meet ten persons of the opposite sex, who in their turn really want to meet you! Moreover, you save your time, energy and money, which is important when looking for a new speed-dating in Kiev! The independent search of such a number of meetings may take you several months or even years!

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