My friends have hardly got me here; we made a bet on whiskey))) now I owe whiskey to my friends, because it was really interesting. There were a lot of smart and interesting girls; it was a real pleasure to communicate with them; I’m impressed a lot!!! I’m really glad that I’ve got here! Thank you!
P.S. That’s a pity that in Mafia I was quickly killed)


I’ve come here already for two times. New restaurant “Bella Italia” is excellent, very nice, standing buffet is very tasty, this place really creates a perfect atmosphere for romance and communication. This time I’ve been luckier with matches, THANK YOU A LOT!!!!  Growth and prosperity to you!


I was here on the March 8th, I liked it soooo much)) after all I was right about older guys, they are really much more interesting)) there was a lot of positive during all the evening, and they’ve got many pluses for that) guys are awesome!!! And by the way, this time we had only 5-6 minutes, what surprised me)) because there were quite a lot of people ))  anyway, we managed to communicate and had the time of life!!! I liked everything)) I recommend it!!!)) Thanks to promoters!!!)) Well done!!))


I can say that I was brought here by cheating: my brother invited me to the restaurant for the family dinner with his future wife .In fact, it turned out that I came to the Speed Dating party. after the first few minutes of fear and irritation it became fun as to the number and variety of types. I liked a few of young people. Now I’m waiting for the results. Thank you brother)


At the Speed Dating evening I liked three girls at once. The next day I received a letter with results. Appeared that all three matched with me) In turn I met each of them. And with the last girl we’ve been living together almost for half a year) this is it☺


There were a lot of cute girls, I was pleasantly surprised! Everything was awesome, thank you for organization, well done!


I participated in the speed dating the 25th of January, I’ve got a lot of impressions, just like in the movies, but in life it is even better! Men were cheerful and sociable, I ticked three of them, we’ll se what will happen)

P.S. Thank you for canapés and champagne


I noticed an advertisement in Sport Life club and thought that I should go☺ I took a friend with me and by hard adventure she was lucky and I wasn’t(((
But still I’m happy for my friend!


I went to the speed dating with a friend as it was much fun to choose at the end of the party. We were a bit late, but organizers didn’t start the event without us, they waited for us and that was a pleasant surprise. The men were quite presentable. My friend has 4 matches and I have only 1. So I’m a bit jealous)))


Thank you a lot for such a wonderful event! I really spent my evening with fun and in a good company. It’s a pity, of course, that there were one fewer girls than it was announced, but that’s okay cause of embarrassment of riches, I do not really have ever thought that such long-legged cuties come here. I also liked a lot “Mafia”, I was playing for the first time, but laughed like a little Audrey (I’ve got the role of prosty) Thanks to the organizers for a great evening spent to good purpose.


I was here on the February 15th , speed dating was dedicated to Saint Valentines Day, I must note that the place was really chic and they fed us to the full)
And now to the point: it was really fun, I’ve got a lot of pleasure, the guys were intelligent. In general, everything was on the highest level. And the guy sang very nicely, though his English is better than his Russian.)


Hello! It’s a wonderful way out, this speed dating. I got very interested once and must admit that not for nothing. Although, frankly speaking, everything was not very smooth, I met a girl for the first time but later we both understood that we absolutely mismatch. But now I’ve met Ania and this is completely another story, I hope that everything will continue full well. Thanks again for organizing speed dating.


I’ve heard about this know-how from friends, so I tried once, and it appeared an interesting thing. I had a walk with a young lady then, it was not a bad girl, just not my style. I think it’s not a problem as I’ve already signed up to the next “speed date”. I hope that in a few times I’ll manage to find the only one for me. Anyway, a woman is nice to have at home, and it’s a high time to think about something serious. Cause I don’t want to stay a bachelor in my 30 and this speed dating is a real way out. In any case – I liked it.


I’m tired of loneliness, so that I drove myself into depression, I went to the speed dating, but I didn’t like it, so I pulled myself up and tried once more – it was a little bit better than the previous time. On the fifth time I met a girl and now we’ve been together for half a year, I’m happy and the result speaks for itself. Guys do not hesitate, but act, it’s really worth it.


Hello, speed dating has become a big part of my life, it became a kind of entertainment… It all started quite trivially, I wanted to find a woman of my dream, so far unsuccessfully, but I managed to make new acquaintances, which is very pleasing, because with my working schedule to meet someone on the street is impossible and me status also does not allow me to do so. In any case, you will not understand what it is until you try, and when you get it – it is very difficult to stop.


Good whatever time of day it is where you are! You know, really I’ve never could thought that I can decide to go on a date in the speed dating style but my friend advised me to try. As a result – I liked it, I can’t say that I’ve met a man of my dream there, cause I haven’t yet, but some moves forward are definitely present, and besides they are considerable moves. So when you’ll decide to try something like this you’ll understand that it has some highlight.


Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised .. I didn’t think that there are so many young people who want to make aquqintance)))


It is a very interesting thing, I liked it, It was fun. The main thing is that you can meet a lot of cute girls at once!!!


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