Speed dating is usually held in weekends. To participate in speed dating you need to fill in a form. A week before the event we will call you and invite you to the speed dating party of your age group. All planned speed dating events are indicated in the calendar on the home page.

After making the prepayment (prepayment terms and conditions are listed below) you will be secured with a place at the speed dating party.

We invite the equal number of men and women.

We usually choose cozy places with convenient locations as venues for speed dating parties.

Speed dating rules
  1. All speed dating participants should arrive at the indicated restaurant on time (each participant, who made a prepayment, receives SMS text message with the name of the restaurant, address of the restaurant, date and time of the occasion).
  2. The number of participants of each speed dating party is limited; an even balance of men and women is ensured (usually 10-15 couples).
  3. A host gives to each Guest a personalized name badge and a Speeding Ticket and guides the Guests to their seats in couples.
  4. Men and women take their seats at the tables in couples. At one table only one woman and one man are sited.
  5. All participants are offered a drink at option (tea\ coffee\ juice\ water) in order to make a conversation more comfortable.
  6. Each date lasts for 7 minutes.
  7. After 7 minutes, the host gives a signal and the girls stay seated and all the guys move round one table.
  8. After each date Speed Daters make notes in their Speeding Tickets.
  9.  You can tick several persons in your Speeding Ticket.
  10. After finishing the dating tête-à-tête part all participants are invited to the standing buffet where you can continue conversation already in a more informal setting with a glass of champagne (juice).
  11. After refreshments we proceed with the “Mafia” – psychological detective game, which is based on the communication so that participants can get to know each other better. It’s not a problem if you are to play this game for a first time! At the beginning the host does a short introductory speech, tells the rules and guides the game. Your task is to get acquainted with the other participants better.
  12. At the end of the evening all Speed Daters enter their ticks.
  13. The following day each participant will receive SMS text message with contact details of those, who have matched with him\her.
How should I dress for speed dating?
You may choose clothing style whatever you prefer. Depending on your preferences it may be classic or casual style. The main thing is that you should look neat. We do not operate a strict dress code, however sportswear is highly undesirable.
Can I be late for speed dating?
If you register for a speed dating on the site and confirm your participation, organizers count on you and select the equal number of men and women. By running late for half an hour you risk not only deprive yourself of 3-5 new acquaintances but also make one of the participants feel bored! Thus, try not to be late for the speed dating party. ☺
Refreshment at option (tea, coffee, water, except alcohol) and mini buffet with champagne at the end of the occasion are provided. After refreshments we proceed with the “Mafia” game (On holidays we host a disco).
A fee for the participation is 698 hryvnias.
After signing up to the party of your age group you should make a prepayment in the amount of 298 hryvnias. You can make a prepayment on the site (hyperlink to payment). Only after making a prepayment you will be secured with a place at the speed dating party. The rest of the cost you pay in person already in place.
Why do I need to make a prepayment?
By making a prepayment you confirm your participation in the speed dating. It is also the guarantee that other participants will be present at the event, because a prepayment is made by all of those, who signed up to the party.
Is the prepayment refunded?
In order to postpone your participation in the speed dating party for a more convenient for you date with the prepayment retention you should contact a host by Friday evening. If you are informing us about yours not coming to the party later than Friday evening, the prepayment is not refunded.
By inviting your friend to the speed dating party you receive a discount of 100 hryvnias, but you should tell us about bringing a friend in advance, when you are signing up, because your friend also need to make a prepayment.
You agree not to disclose information received from us or our clients, advertisers and suppliers. All information about clients is confidential and shall not be disclosed except as the contact information and the names of the participants are provided in the case of mutual sympathy on the results of the speed dating party. Hereby we promise not to reproduce, distribute, and sell or use for commercial purposes any confidential information in any form.
Alteration of contract
We can edit, delete or change any of the issues contained in this Agreement at any time and in our sole discretion by posting a notice or new agreement on our site.