From 10 acquaintances

per evening


How does Speed Dating work?


Assembling the participants

10 men and 10 women or more get together at one place. Everyone receives a Speeding Ticket for making notes with a list of the participants of the opposite sex.

7-minute tete-a-tete dating

Speed Daters date with each other for 7 minutes. After 7 minutes we ring a bell; all the girls will stay seated and all the guys will move round one table.

Make notes and tick the people you like

At the end of each date participants make notes in the Speeding Ticket. Finally all Speed Daters enter their Speeding Tickets to promoters, who will find all the matches.

Contact details of those, who has matched with you

The next day you will be sent an instant SMS text message with the contact details of those, who has matched with you.

Real dates with those, who want to see you again

Make a call and organize a date for two!

The price includes:

10-15 acquaintances

A drink during your dating

Standing buffet with champagne

A game ‘Mafia”


698 UAH

Mass media about us





I was here on the March 8th, I liked it soooo much)) after all I was right about older guys, they are really much more interesting)) there was a lot of positive during all the evening, and they’ve got many pluses for that) guys are awesome!!! And by the way, this time we had only 5-6 minutes, what surprised me)) because there were quite a lot of people ))  anyway, we managed to communicate and had the time of life!!! I liked everything)) I recommend it!!!)) Thanks to promoters!!!)) Well done!!)) Alena

At the Speed Dating evening I liked three girls at once. The next day I received a letter with results. Appeared that all three matched with me) In turn I met each of them. And with the last girl we’ve been living together almost for half a year) this is it☺ Vitaliy

dates were organized

couples were created

weddings were celebrated


Speed Dating venues

Speed Dating takes place in the restaurant “Carpaccio”, Sofiivska st., 14, “Maidan Nezalezhnosti” metro station


The “Carpaccio” restaurant

Sofiivska st. , 14

м. Майдан Независимости


10 reasons to choose Speed Dating


1. You’ll get acquainted with 10 and more girls\guys in 2 hours;

2. The chances to find your love are growing;

3. You get a drink at option during dating;

4. Standing buffet with champagne;

5. Exciting and free of charge game Mafia;  

6. New acquaintances;

7. You will spend your time with pleasure and get a lot of positive emotions;

8. It’s a trend nowadays;

9. New experience;

10. We present you with a discount of 100 hryvnias if you take a friend with you.